Mr.Dündar Yetişener joined the live broadcast in TGRT Haber as a guest,17th September
A new product from FIBROBETON: Fibro-Transbeton pXL®

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  • Synchronisation of parts of this organisation for applicable architecture, which is rather a large organisation, is an very important issue. 

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  • Fibrobeton is the most important business partner with its understanding of the problems suffered by architects at difficult facades. 

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  • We have foreseen the hotel to be cladded with a material suitable to it’s dignified identity, resistant to air pollution and having advantages regarding performance. 

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  • Skin, shell, exteriors of buildings, in other words, envelops of buildings.. The parts that we all memorise... 

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  • Realisation of a structure that has been designed by an architect in the same way as it had been designed is an endeavour for the designer that requires great deal of effort. Virtually all of the systems cooperate together in order to deform that design and to transform it and this resistance always stands in front of the architect at every phase of the construction. 

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  •  Manufacturing of glass fiber reinforced concrete in our country has made a revolutionary contribution to success of our performances. Fibrobeton has been manufacturing this material for 20 years with great care starting from production drawings and has been applying them through its experienced teams at high quality.

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  • Your successful suggestions and solutions as contribution in project and your performance in work discipline, governing, compliance with time, and working in organization with all the groups, have satisfied me extensively as an architect.

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  •  It is difficult to use a material as … Fibrobeton, and this always irritates me, except one: Fibrobeton. Leader of its subject far ahead in Turkey, Fibrobeton, has introduced such a difficult material to the nation with its accumulation and technical knowledge and is applying it successfully. 

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  • Today we should not ignore the subjects that directly involve the construction physics we have to take into consideration in the process of building design with respect to developments in recent years, even if unavailable regarding both manufacturing facility and manufacturing cost.

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